All You Need To Know About The History Of St. Louis, Missouri

The town of St. Louis, Missouri has its origin in its name. What this means is that the beautiful city of St. Louis was named after King Louis IX of France. It was King Louis IX that was the only French King to be ordained as a saint in 1297 with his patron saint being St. Louis. Therefore, St. Louis is the name of the city in Missouri. An interesting point to note, but there is so much more regarding the history of this American town. This article will provide some information on the background of St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1763, a French fur trader named Pierre Leclede set out to build a trading post in close proximity to the joining point of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. With the trading post as his ultimate goal, Leclede journey from New Orleans in 1763 with his stepson, Auguste Chouteau. They arrived at the convergence of the rivers four months later and discovered that the area was too dense to construct a stable trading post. Taking this into account, they chose to construct the port approximately twenty miles downriver.

The newly founded town, dubbed “St. Louis” by Leclede, soon became a center for Native American culture in the United States. Due to the construction of Native American temples and residential mounds of earth, the city developed a moniker – the City of Mounds. During the late 1690s and the beginning of the 1700s, the French began to explore the city and La Salle claimed territory for France as part of French Louisiana. The majority of the new European establishments in the region were erected in Illinois and this became known as upper Louisiana; however, it was soon after this in 1764 that Leclede founded St. Louis.

St. Louis was officially assigned to the French Republic in 1800 and sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Soon after the Louisiana Purchase, steamboats started to arrive in the city and began to encourage trade in the eastern marketplaces. In 1821 Missouri became a state and St. Louis was incorporated as a city. Thanks to the port connection placements, St. Louis soon grew as a merchant city.

After the Louisiana Purchase, St. Louis remained the main harbor on the Mississippi River and the population grew rapidly. After the American Civil War, it became one of the top largest cities in the USA. In 1877, St. Louis disaffiliated itself from the St. Louis County and gained its independence; thereby growing even more in size and population.

As a highly popular city, St. Louis grew greatly over the 1900s and in 2006 it received the World Leadership honor for urban renewal. Nowadays, the city is known to be a beneficial tourist attraction.