How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

Have you ever been on a flight and spoken to the person sitting next to you to be astounded that they have purchased their ticket much cheaper than yours? How frustrating is that? You have done all the research, made multiple telephone calls and visited numerous travel agents and you thought you got your ticket for a great price only to be beaten by the person sitting next to you. So how do you get the cheapest flight tickets?

There are numerous ways to secure cheaper flight tickets. Booking well in advance has to be the best way. Flight schedules come out in 6-month intervals so you need to be on the ball when these schedules come out onto the open market. You can ensure this by joining all the newsletters of the airlines that fly your route. Don’t worry, they are not going to inundate you with flight offers though this will happen periodically. The aim is to be ready as soon as the flights are released.

Booking a flight 6-months in advance is not something that everyone wants to do and in some cases is not possible to do because of individual circumstances. But if you can do this then you have a distinct advantage in the cheap flight ticket game.

Each flight that is released has discount tickets available. You may have seen the airlines advertising campaigns where they promote very cheap tickets from specific routes. What they dont tell you is the amount of discount seats available. This is where the advance booking has the edge. The quicker you book the better so you have to do this as soon as the flights are released. You need to do this immediately in some cases depending on the schedule, Busy schedules will sell out quicker so you need to act fast.

Don’t forget, you already have a head start on the competition because you are on the mailing list. That being said I personally contact the airlines in advance so I know the very day these flight tickets are released. It just takes one telephone call or email to the airlines to get the vital information.

Each flight will have the very cheap tickets available according to the airlines promotion. They have to provide these by law. The number of these cheap tickets would be dependent on the airline, schedule and size of the aircraft. Now once these tickets are sold that’s it. The next cheaper tickets will be higher, still cheaper then the normal price but you are not getting the same savings as you would with the biggest discount flight tickets.

From this period onwards the tickets will rise until they are at the highest prices which are a few weeks before the flight departs. Don’t come under the assumption that any seats not purchased by passengers will come onto the open market at a high discount. That very rarely happens. If it did then passengers would simply wait until the last minute to book flight tickets. This is a situation that the airlines do not want. They reward passengers for booking early so get on the mailing lists today and you will go a long way to saving money on your future flight tickets.